WEDNESDAY {may 3, 2017} Things are looking UP!

Okay that’s what it is!!! I just noticed that Mercury goes DIRECT today and THAT is why yesterday felt so WEIRD to me. I should have looked that up!

Yesterday was teasing us with making a move before our time, which WOULD lead to NOT the best outcome and something we would have to later clean up.

But I am SURE you heeded my warning and stayed calm and non-committal to any new decisions, RIGHT?

Okay. Yes I feel a big freedom today, where as yesterday felt a bit restrictive and CONFUSING.

Today I feel that a load has lifted and inspiration has hit the crowns of many people.

It seems like a gateway has opened and where there was uncertainty and confusion, there now will be a clear vision and something that demands leg work -- but at least it now is in our sight as something we WANT TO put our energy towards.

There also is the feeling of POWER RISING and this is where we are starting to get amped up and GOOD TO GO towards some new path, new idea, new creative offering, or SOMETHING that has been in the works for months to years now.

It is settling into place as the ways to facilitate movement are FINALLY coming to us.

This means you may still be at the drafting board as you visualize all the steps and placements -- but none the less, energy is moving now and what you are thinking about TODAY is oh so important and is a piece of the puzzle that deals with you expanding and growing closer to the life of your dreams!

So DO NOT distract yourself with drama or nonsense because this day is for CREATIVE VISIONING and the channeling of ideas that you could not come up with before their time

I’m seeing lots of smiles and people feeling like the tide has finally changed!  I told you!! Things are swinging in our favor and we just needed to get clear on what we REALLY WANT and then apply the much needed ingredient of PATIENCE.

Those who wait, WIN. It is so important now a days to not think there is some finish line to race towards, but rather to savor and enjoy all moments leading up to SOMETHING that we trust WILL PROVIDE.

I feel giddy in my stomach with this energy!! I think something will come as a surprise and that it will light us up hardcore.

Be ready! And by that I just mean wait in an anticipatory space of GRATITUDE and expectancy of GOOD THINGS TO COME.  You deserve some magic my love, so open those arms wide and welcome in the bounty!