The Contributors

of the 2017 Moon Planner Edition


KV is the creator and visionary of The Moon Planner, as it has been a long dream of over 20 years!


KV is a psychic astrologer and the founder of Aquarius Nation where she shares channeled wisdom specifically for the Rainbow Tribe beings who are here now to bring the Age of Aquarius revolution forward. She is keenly aware of the energetic flows of the Universe and translates how we as the collective will dance through them on the day to day. She is able to go into any day in the past or future and feel what we are to expect. KV lives in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, USA.


Ha'vanah is the graphic artist of The Moon Planner who was the catalyst to help KV birth the first edition!


Ha’vanah Star is a healer, an open channel and artist. She combines her healing abilities to repattern DNA light coding with her artistic flair, to bring healing on a mass and lead the collective through ascension. She is a cosmic soul that can tap into what energies are most needed to restore ones lightbody to its original divine blueprint and embeds these within her healing work, graphic designs and crystalline mandalas.   Ha’vanah Star lives in Port Douglas, Australia.